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Art of Self-Branding: Applications

I’ve been making little noises in my blog and in person about how I plan to make the Art of Self-Branding into some sort of presentation. There seems to be a thirst for this subject, if the 1,147 people who’ve downloaded my worksheet are any indication. I’ve grown and learned so much since I wrote the first article, so I’m planning to update the series with new information when I finish the new iteration of lealea.net. However, I can’t do that without any help from my wonderful readers.

Through the power of Mint stats and Technorati, I know a few of you have actually applied some of the exercises I outlined in my article series. However, there are more of you out there who took some of the advice to heart and applied it to your own work or your own sites. I, unfortunately, didn’t keep track of every one that showed up on Mint stats talking about my applying my article (I understand there are even a few non-English sites out there with their own adjective charts!), so if you can please pipe up now, that would be great!

Please explain:

  1. How you applied the exercises in Art of Self-Branding
  2. If you used the Self-Branding worksheet
  3. What was most helpful to you in the articles
  4. What needs more clarification
  5. Any new techniques or exercises you’ve used that helped you through the process along with mine
  6. What you didn’t like (!)
  7. Any other comments or suggestions regarding self-branding in particular

You can do this in the comment area below or through my contact form

I really want to know if there’s anything more specific to cover. For example, should I touch a bit on self-marketing (i.e. what to do with your brand) or if that would be over-extending or generalizing the series? As it stands now, it’s pretty design and identity focused.

So, please, thoughts?

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This worksheet is really confusing. I didn’t get that environmental part.

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Jan 17
08:55 PM

Hi Luke,

Thanks for commenting. In order to get the environmental part, you need to read my Art of Self Branding series. It essentially reminds you what all of that means. Basically, reuse, reduce, recycle, and recover all your creative assets and processes to apply to your current project.

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