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Bang Bang (My Baby Shot ‘Em Down)

Holy Cow.

pMachine Shootout

The site you’re looking at right now placed 3rd in the first-ever pMachine Shootout. I’m so pleased, I’m beside myself — not necessarily because of the cash or prizes (which are cool) — but because my professional peers, people I respect, had amazing things to say about this site. While I’m certainly no shrinking flower and I don’t necessarily need accolades to vindicate my copy or design choices, I’m still humbled and warmed when something I’ve worked on is validated by other professionals. I was also pleased to see that some judges also placed my other two entries — Canadian Project Partners and Dr. Jeremy Levitt — in their personal top tens.

I may just do a little victory dance. :-)

Thank you, judges, for placing this site in high consideration. Thank you, pMachine for running this contest. I congratulate all the other winners and entrants! (I’m looking at you, Veerle — I’m glad you didn’t enter in the Commercial category, haha!) Good job, everyone.

Of course, thank you, visitors and RSS subscribers, for continually supporting my writing and design.

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Major congrats – it’s always nice to have your abilities validated (no pun intended).

Now don’t go and blow all that money in one place. ;)

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Mar 16
04:40 AM

I think I can use it for groceries… or, new shoes. Food vs. Fashion — the eternal conundrum.

Congrats! I felt the bullets whistlin’ past ;)

Picture of Sugar

Name Sugar

Date Mar 16
12:51 PM

Congrats, Lea! :)

Your site is a pleasure for the eyes, indeed.

Picture of Kellea

Name Kellea

Date Mar 16
03:21 PM

Congratulations! I love your tagline on your site. (Side note: My name is Kellea and as a child I couldn’t say my name so I called myself Lea Lea so you’re especially cool in my book!) I’m the 3rd place winner in the Core division and man am I ever thankful to have been in that group because the competition in the personal section would have crushed me. Or as you put it shot me down smile Again, congratulations!! I vote for spending it on “fashion” and having someone else take you tou for food to celebrate!

Picture of Andrea

Name Andrea

Date Mar 16
07:39 PM

Congrats Lea! Looks like Kellea beat me out— I came in 4th in core.

Which is actually a good thing— the hosting and license will all be used to furterh the project, and I won’t be tempted to buy those suede boots I have my eye on… ;)

Well, this is my first comment on your site, and I have to say that personally Lealea.net was one of the 2 best designed sites in the contest IMHO (the other one is “the fan”) so I think you really deserve the award! Congrats!

Picture of Natalie

Name Natalie

Date Mar 19
09:14 PM

Lea, your work is amazing and you deserve to do a little dance! Congrats!

Picture of yoman

Name yoman

Date Mar 21
11:24 PM

as I expected!
this blog was one of my favorite blog!

Picture of Matt

Name Matt

Date Mar 25
04:17 AM

I really like the look of your site. The colors are very soothing. A real pleasure to look at.

nice site.. congratulations

Picture of josue

Name josue

Date Jan 03
09:24 PM

yeah. totally awesome site.

Picture of Nicole

Name Nicole

Date Jul 22
03:57 PM

Congrats – I’m watching, reading, and -best of all – learning. While I tend to look to my elders to learn from, in this case, I’ll defer to my young’ins for inspiration.

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