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Canadian Project Partners Launch!

Canadian Project Partners is a team of project management experts, based in Calgary, Alberta. In late September, they approached me to work on their identity, website, and other print collateral.

They wanted an elegant and professional identity that reflected their Canadian status, illustrate their professionalism, and convey strength. The results are as follows:

The logo is iconic, and while not breaking innovation records, can be used in many different applications. The three circles represent the founding partners, while the outline links them all as a cohesive team, almost like pea pods. Most of the items are printed on Neenah Paper’s Classic Crest line. The letterhead in 24lb text Solar White and the business card in 110lb cover stock in Avon Brilliant White. The envelope is just your regular #10 whitewove paper. Printing was done by DonRite Printing.

I’m also pleased to announce that I recently launched their brand new website, powered entirely by ExpressionEngine, to help them update and maintain their website with ease. The look and feel matches their identity items. Through the development of this site, I discovered a high-res widescreen IE bug. This is also the first website that I’ve tried to make a “liquid” layout, meaning that when you increase the text, the layout expands with it. As you increase the text, more of the header image is revealed as well.

Please take some time to visit Canadian Project Partners and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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Picture of Jared

Name Jared

Date Dec 02
02:11 AM

Looks good, well done.

I just started looking into Expression Engine, do you have a good reference you could refer me to in order to use EE to administrate a content site as you’ve done rather than a blog?

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Dec 02
06:48 AM

Hi Jared — do you mean a tutorial on how to set it up to be a CMS rather than blog software on steroids? :-)

I don’t think there’s one specific way to do it; since EE is so flexible, there’s a million and one ways people set up their website for administration purposes. EE Docs can give you a full explanation of the capabilities and tag structure of EE. EE How To also has a huge repository of tutorial bits, like adding an “Edit This” button and more. And finally, the EE Wiki. If all else fails, visit the EE forums. I’ve gotten a lot of help through there.

Picture of Jared

Name Jared

Date Dec 02
07:10 PM

“Hi Jared?do you mean a tutorial on how to set it up to be a CMS rather than blog software on steroids? :-)”

That’s exactly what I menat :) Thanks. I’ll check out those resources.

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Dec 03
05:51 AM

Actually Jared, I just remembered that Mark Boulton had a Designers Questions Series: Part 1, Part 2

That will probably help you out even more figuring out EE. Especially Part 2. Hope that also helps!

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