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Countdown to Lealea 2.0

I just wanted to send a note to my loyal readers that Lealea 2.0 is finally coming. I have set up a development domain (you can’t see it because it’s set for SuperAdmins to view) using ExpressionEngine’s Multiple Site Manager. so that I can use the same install and also plug in my current lealea.net content into there just to see how it looks. If you really really want a preview, just send me an e-mail and I might actually show you a screenshot. :)

However, this is not without its pitfalls: this new site will be playing aroundnd with the current EE install and that may mean mistakes like plugins not working or pages getting shuffled, etc. In fact, in my zeal, I’ve already accidentally deleted my latest post about “My First Website” along with its comments it’s been restored! yay!…

I’ve already implemented the homepage and my about page. Designed, coded, and working in EE. :-) It’s also using sIFR 3 for the typeface and I have to say, wow, what a difference! I plan to be optimizing my blog section, and then finally, working on my projects pages. When that is complete, I’ll launch 2.0. And yes, I’ll write a blog post outlining what has improved from Ver 1 to Ver 2, including some ExpressionEngine details.

The big question is: when? The best answer I can give is early October edit: I suck. Honestly think it will be before the end of the year. With the momentum I have, I think that can actually be a safe bet. I’m really excited about this next iteration and I just want to take the time to thank all my loyal visitors, clients, and friends who have graced my website and helped my business get to where it is now.

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Can’t wait. :)

Cute logo designs. Good luck with the Lealea 2.0 project and its upcoming release!

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Date Nov 18
10:10 AM

I’ll be keeping ym eye out :)

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