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Digital Web and Veoh Viral

Nope, this isn’t a CSS Naked Day post. I don’t have anything wrong with CSS Naked Day, I just like the pretty, so it stays up. :) Speaking of looks, this site design has aged pretty well considering I still get a lot of compliments on it… however, I also understand a long overdue re-align is needed. Truthfully, I wanted to launch right before SXSW and I do have a new design in the works! Yes, the main direction of the design is actually finished but due to making sure I got other projects off the ground I had to post-pone the new design. A few of you may have already gotten a sneak peek at where it’s going. I am pretty excited, so please stick around. I am hoping to have the new site launched in the next couple of months (darn you, paying clients that take priority… I kid, I love you all)

What this post really is about is the aforementioned summary of my presentation. Digital Web published my article, Presenting: Preparation, Process, and Pizzazz (Can you tell I love alliteration?) There, I outline the process I took to preparing for SXSW, questions I asked myself, my goals, outcome, and some reaction to the presentation. I hope you enjoy!

Also, Sunny Gault, host of Veoh Viral TV interviewed me during SXSW to talk a little about me, branding, and my presentation! She is super nice and easy to talk to. The video is finally up online. Take a look! (Though, I have to say, lighting can be unforgiving…)

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Picture of Ashley

Name Ashley

Date Apr 09
05:08 PM

This is a great segment on yourself and your “brand.” I enjoyed watching it, and am really looking forward to your involvement with our event, IZEAFest.

Picture of Ana

Name Ana

Date Apr 20
11:09 AM

Good job sister. You articulated yourself well.

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