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February Update

February has almost come to a close and I’ve only made one blog entry this month — for good reason. I’ve been a busy little bee and I just wanted to wait until a few things launched so I could mention it all at once. This includes client work, a new article, and a design podcast!

Regarding client work, I just finished the design, coding, and implementation of Dr Jeremy I. Levitt’s site. I collaborated with Bonsai Marketing for this project. The entire content of the site is powered by my favourite CMS, ExpressionEngine. This was a pretty interesting project that really enabled me to learn much more regarding the power of EE.

Meanwhile, I was invited a while back to write for Design-in-Flight and Project Lemonade was the result! Please take some time to read the article and let me know your thoughts!

Last, but not least, the 9rules Design Community has its first-ever podcast and its focus is personal branding! Don’t hesitate to add to the discussion through the comments either here or on 9rules.

Meanwhile, my youngest twin sisters are turning 18 tomorrow. I feel old.

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Great article Lea. I’ve been following a somewhat similar critique process for each design I’ve worked on since the beginning of the new year, and I’ve found much more success.

I think this is a really valuable tool that more designers could definitely benefit from.

Picture of Si

Name Si

Date Feb 28
08:09 AM

Where’s the actual 9rules podcast? At the moment, there only seems to be a downloadable MP3. I’ve had a look around the 9rules feeds section but can’t find much.

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Feb 28
10:04 PM

Si, sorry, we don’t currently have a specific RSS feed — yet. It’s currently in the works. Please stay tuned.

Picture of laender

Name laender

Date May 17
11:57 AM

Thats a really great article an designinflight.com!
But you have a bug here in the link “personal branding”, it doesnt work… ;)

Thanks for the article Lea. Nice job.
P.S the link “personal branding” works now.

Picture of Larry

Name Larry

Date Jul 07
05:25 PM

So your favourite CMS is ExpressionEngine? I am looking for a good CMS for my client’s site. I will have a look at it and offer the CMS to my partners.

Thanks Lea!

Do you have some new information since that time? Thanks for posting …

Picture of Kevin

Name Kevin

Date Jun 12
05:34 AM

Thanks for the article. gave me a lot of ideas and possibilities.

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