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FREE Murasaki Wordpress Theme

Once upon a time, I used to dabble in Wordpress As it is one of the most popular blog software around, I couldn’t not fiddle with it even a tiny bit. It wasn’t my favourite software (EE holds my heart) but one of my friends needed a new theme to spice up her blog and she insisted on WP.

Kristine is a brilliant writer, and is currently working through the JET program as a teacher in Japan. She wanted something that was feminine, but dark, with a hint of that Japanese flavour. And thus, the Murasaki theme was born. However, she’s moved on from the theme and now we want to release it to the world!

Preview here | Download here

It’s a simple enough theme: rounded corners, stylized dates, and simple image. It’s easily customizable — and one of my friends even mentioned that it’s one of the cleanest coded themes she’s seen. :) That’s the simplicity and beauty of it. So, if you want a piece of Murasaki, it’s FREE. It is being released under a fairly open CC license : The Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada

This means you can do whatever you want with the theme, but it would be nice if you kept the link back pointing to Lealea Design in the footer. :)

So, please enjoy this theme. Let me know if you’ve implemented it in the comments.

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Nice theme! Thanks for releasing it! However, I cannot see what the comment area looks like in the demo site.

Really nice theme, well done all around. Thanks for offering it free (as in beer).

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Jan 18
05:56 PM

The comments page isn’t on the preview, no… it’s just a static preview site of the theme, not a live working Wordpress preview. The comments page is pretty straightforward as well. Slightly lighter purple bg with dotted borders at the bottom are behind the comments. The form itself is not really styled. Straightforward.

Thanks for commenting! Let me know if you put the theme up somewhere.

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Jan 18
06:00 PM

@Colin Alcohol is always appreciated.

@Everyone ;-) So are chocolates, cookies, and cakes. (HINT, HINT)

Picture of Montoya

Name Montoya

Date Jan 18
06:53 PM

Yeah, definitely one of the best themes I’ve ever seen. Plus, people could change out the image and maybe even play with the colors to get all sorts of combinations.

Picture of Katie

Name Katie

Date Jan 19
03:27 AM

Ooh me likey! Very sleek, yet fun.

Picture of John G

Name John G

Date Aug 26
12:03 PM

Just stumbled on this page. Lovely theme, simple and elegant. Many thanks.

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