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How many ways to spell busy?

I thought I’d give everyone a quick update on where things are for me. :-) I’m going to just skip the apologies for being absent and go straight to some exciting updates:

  • I will be presenting a session and workshop at Future of Web Design 2007 specifically geared towards branding with a web and design focus (and of course, heavily peppered with self-branding tenets). Nov 7-8 in NYC! If you’re in town and wanna say hi, please do.
  • I’m also trying to push a similar panel for SXSW08 — if you think what I’ve contributed so far has been useful to you or you’re going to SXSW and want to hear my blab about, give me a vote and/or a comment! :-)
  • My portfolio is horribly out of date. Since I launched this website, I’ve had over 30 projects since then — some print, some web, some identity, some agency work, lots of EE implementation. I will need to update and soon. :-) Thanks to all the lovely clients that I’ve worked with the past couple of years.
  • My friend Katie launched her new EE-powered website and freelance career! Welcome to the community!
  • If you have any projects you want me to tackle November 2007 onwards, I’m available. :-)

That’s it, thus far. More frequent updates on what I’m up to are on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

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