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I Want to Thank the Academy…

Gee willickers. Me, a 9ruler?

I chat with a number of the current members already, many of whom I respect and admire, and so this just feels right. Kind of like that moment in The Godfather when Al Pacino as Michael Corleone leans to Robert Duvall’s Tom Hagen, squeezes his hand, and assures him that he’d always seen him as a real brother. I’m “officially” part of “The Family.” I’m humbled and thrilled and (insert positive emotion here) to be a part of a Network that manages to snag some of the best blogs out there, discussing topics from design to science to sex. Yow. 500+ submissions and I made the cut? Paul, you must be slipping… I really hope I can meet and exceed the bar of quality that the current members have set.

I have high hopes for this blog, so I hope you stay tuned. :-)

And on a semi-related note: If you’ve subscribed to my RSS feed, please change your URLs to point to this feedburner URL Thank you! :-)

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Well done Lea!

I’m really proud of you :D

Welcome to the network Lea! Glad to have you aboard!


Picture of Pauly D

Name Pauly D

Date Dec 01
04:15 PM

Congratulations and welcome!

Whoo! Alllright! Welcome to the network Lea, and congrats. A lovely site you have here.

Excellent! I linked here like a week ago because you posted a comment on the 9rules blog, and I remember thinking, “Damn, if she doesn’t get in with that site, they oughta close up shop.”

Killer design! Kudos!

Umm, I think it was just your great use of Pink. But I could be wrong.

:) Welcome.

Picture of whocares

Name whocares

Date Dec 03
12:02 AM

But I don’t get it – your site is great already without this utterly superflous affiliation. You should be proud that you have a well designed site with good quality content without feeling like you are almost ‘not worthy’ to be in such grand company. I mean, really, I didn’t take you to be the sort of person to go in for this kind of frivolous back patting clique. There is a very odd wind blowing through this community, its like a club with no benefits.

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Dec 03
12:41 AM

re: whocares

I don’t feel at all maligned and I don’t look at 9rules as a “frivolous back patting clique” — it’s a community of people and websites that promote good content on the web. And yes, I admire some of these people greatly enough that I may take a step for the obsequious in praise. Thank you for your vote of confidence in my abilities and website, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being humble.

If you notice, I mentioned that I chat with a number of the current members and it’s a bit nice when you’re asked to join their company in a more official manner. It’s not because I need it — it’s because I want it.

So for the “club with no benefits” — I’m sure you don’t think me a stupid woman. Obviously there are benefits, or else 500 people wouldn’t have applied to join in this one round. I wouldn’t have applied if no benefits were involved. Already, from a purely business standpoint, within hours of joining the network, I had prospects e-mailing me. I had an increase in traffic, and Paul hadn’t even plugged my site on the 9rules official blog. And then a few hours after that, I added a few people to my IM list that I know I will become good business colleagues and online friends with.

Wouldn’t you consider that benefits?

Everyone in 9rules is a shady criminal. Watch your back, I say, because what looks like back-patting might be a knife! I meant, welcome to the Network, Lea.

Picture of Scrivs

Name Scrivs

Date Dec 03
04:54 AM

You think back patting club with no benefits is bad? Hell, trying being the President of said club and having nobody pat your back. It’s tough being at the end of the line.

Picture of Khaled

Name Khaled

Date Dec 03
04:55 AM

Hey Lea good to have you on the train :)

Hey Congrats! Don’t worry about writting good content, as long as what you contribute is of the same quality of what you have so far, you should be fine.

Picture of Nick

Name Nick

Date Dec 09
02:47 PM

Congrats and good luck! :)

Congratulations, Lea!
IMO, don’t worry about the content and quality, just write from your heart and out of your passion.

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