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My Favourite Lealea Blogblog Posts

A lot of you have been loyal visitors to this site over the years, but many are also new. It’s been three years of off-and-on blogging but it still amassed a pretty sizeable archive. I don’t want my new visitors to be intimidated to get to know me, this site, and the blog a bit better. And maybe some of you old subscribers may find something new, too. So, without further ado, I want to outline My Top Five Favourite Lealea Blogblog Posts (omg, yes, it’s a list, not a thoughtful essay):

  1. The Art of Self-Branding
    Possibly the most famous article I’ve written since starting this blog. It outlines my own personal branding journey and how you can apply it to your own brand!
  2. Can you justify design decisions?
    Well, can you? Designers often struggle with this with clients and I provide examples and questions on how to move through it.
  3. Handling Rejection
    I share an anecdote while reiterating why it’s important to handle rejection.
  4. Lack of a Shared Vocabulary
    I try to define a problem with our industry.
  5. Don’t limit your visual knowledge
    I give examples of where you can find design inspiration.

Do you have a favourite from the archives? If so, let me know!

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Picture of Jennifer

Name Jennifer

Date Jan 08
10:35 AM

Very usefull post. If someone (like me just now) stumbles upon your blog they´ll instantly find the most interesting posts :)
I also found “Self-Branding” the most interesting post and will try it out soon. I´m already curious what kind of adjektivs the people I know will give me.

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