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Online Adjective Association Tool

When I wrote The Art of Self-Branding: Part One, I suggested everyone play an adjective association game — one where you write a list of three adjectives you believe describes yourself, hide it, then ask family, friends, and strangers to do the same for you. Once done, you can compare the results and distill your personality’s essence.

Today, I stumbled upon a referrer that led me to find about the Johari Window — an interesting adjective association exercise. In the Wikipedia page, it lists Kevan Davis’s Online Johari Window Tool for positive adjective associations and Online Nohari Window Tool for negative adjective associations. I think this is certainly an interesting tool for people to play with when working with their self-brand.

The drawbacks of the tool is that there is a pre-determined list of adjectives to choose from which may affect someone’s opinion rather than if they just thought of an adjective themselves. Also, the tool allows you to choose more than three adjectives and that can lead to more confusion than less, especially when you’re branding yourself — so, I suggest if you are deciding to use this online tool as a supplement to your self-branding exercises, make sure you limit someone to only choosing three adjectives, and that they be as honest as possible. Perhaps, even have them decide on three adjectives without seeing the online tool, and then forward them to the tool to simply match the three words with the list for even more assurance of honesty.

Have fun!

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That’s an absolutely great tool – thanks for the reference. I can only imagine what people would say about me…

Picture of Sugar

Name Sugar

Date Mar 13
06:17 AM

Looks very very fun!

If nothing else, it’ll provide me and my friends another point to conversate upon.

Thanks Lea :)

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