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Shiny New Host

I want to apologize to anyone who visited my site during its transition. While Dreamhost served me well for a long time, I was just sick and tired of the level of service provided. I found the servers too slow and looking back, it wasn’t that great of an experience. The best experience I had to this day had been with ICD Soft where the servers were pretty fast and the support even faster (sometimes answered your question within 5-10 minutes). However, I needed a hosting solution where I could have more than one site under one account. Enter Dreamhost with its shiny promises and large capacity. The first year or so was relatively unremarkable because everything worked as it should. However, as time went on, my site began to feel its growing pains and now it’s time to leave.

I decided on HostICan because of the high reviews I found on the web, regarding their speed and their customer service. During the transition, there were a few hiccups — I’m not too used to cPanel, so I had to find my way around a bit. I also was trying to play around with mod_rewrite and .htaccess and took me a while to realize that HostICan does not support path_info so I had to make sure that my pages were served with queries and then had to amend that with my .htaccess

Now, it seems like everything’s working and the site seems to be humming a bit smoother. However, as I transitioned my site from old host to new, I began to really notice its age. Fortunately, I am getting a real kick in the pants in regards to it because of all the new projects I need to put up, on top of the fact I am creating a micro-site to accompany my self-branding talks for FOWD and SXSW So stay tuned in the next couple of months for a shiny new site to accompany my shiny new host!

I will update you fine folk of my experience with HostICan in the next few months. As I’m new, I can’t really give it a fair assessment quite yet… however, I will say that my experience with their support has been super fast and helpful (not to mention, with a sense of humour).

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Picture of Fubiz

Name Fubiz

Date Nov 12
10:26 AM

Very nice template. Shiny blog :)

Picture of Rita

Name Rita

Date Jul 30
02:40 PM

When you were using ICD Soft, were you also using ExpressionEngine? My employer is considering the combination. Thanks. In Christ, Rita

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Jul 30
02:57 PM

No, Rita, but it shouldn’t be an issue. As long as it fulfills the requirements it should be fine.

Meanwhile, I will be updating this story as I moved hosts again! I’m now part of EngineHosting

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