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Showtime Website: Update

Someone pointed me to an accessible part of Showtime’s customer service website, so I quickly forwarded my concerns regarding the censorship of their website to them. After almost two months, they finally replied and here is the official response:

Response (Tony) | 02/27/2006 12:27 PM
Showtime’s programming is restricted to US distribution, per our studio agreements, and as such, the SHO.com website carries similar restrictions. While programming that is on Showtime may be distributed internationally by a separate company, Showtime’s website itself cannot support those ventures. You may want to encourage the channel through which you are watching Showtime co-produced programming to manage a website that supports its programming.

Thanks for your interest,
Showtime Customer Service

This still doesn’t make much sense to me. Even if the shows are restricted to U.S. distribution, why does the website — which at most shows some clips or and at least, information that the show exists — carry the same restrictions? What type of information on the website would violate distribution rights? Does Showtime lose any money by having someone in Canada or the UK read about US-only shows? Meanwhile, there are a ton of websites already dedicated to the shows that Showtime produces which are under no restrictions, so what is special about the Showtime website that needs to block everyone out?

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This just screams to me an example of having too many lawyers with too much time on their hands.

Picture of Angela West

Name Angela West

Date Dec 12
12:42 PM

OMG that is exactly what they wrote back to me – as I suspected it is a form letter. Well, I hope they are happy saving money on customer service, because they’ve just lost a customer. Hey – without customers they will save LOTS of money!! Of course they won’t make any either…

Picture of khendar

Name khendar

Date Dec 15
04:45 AM

They seem to be forgetting that people still want information about the programs, even if they cannot view them on TV. I personally purchased the first season of Brotherhood from the US and wanted more info about the upcoming second season. Alas, no access. Well Showtime, you wont be getting my hard earned $AU again. I’ll be torrenting the rest thankyouverymuch.

Picture of gino

Name gino

Date Mar 12
02:11 AM

two words for show time TORRENT TIME!!!

Picture of Sam

Name Sam

Date Apr 08
07:08 PM

Hey Guys!

I’m sorry to say this but showtime isn’t the only one. I’m an American living in Mexico City and it is a total bitch that i can’t see content from abc.com or mtv.uk for example….i’m blocked from watching such contents for the very same reasons you mentioned…we’re pretty much in the wrong side of the border.

Given how globalization has become key in the world, this issue is ironic, obnoxious and short sighted….

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