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The Kevin Dalton Fund

Facebook is a way to keep in touch with long lost and current friends. One of them happens to be Kevin Dalton, who I worked with in 2004 for The Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema. Check out my WFAC projects page (slides 4-6) for samples of our collaborative work.

Today, when checking my Facebook account, I stumbled onto a group called The Kevin Dalton fund, and read the following:

On Friday December 1, 2006 Kevin went into surgery to have an inflamed lymphnode removed for biopsy. Later that day they returned with the news that he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Of course, this is horrible news. Even in our brief acquiantance, I recognized not only Kevin’s amazing artistic talent (he is an illustrator and animator, and only 23 years old), but his great personality. Unfortunately, cancer treatment is rather costly, so his lovely girlfriend set up The Kevin Dalton Fund group in Facebook to help raise money for his treatment. There are two ways to help him out:

  1. Visit kevindalton.com and purchase his 100-page sketchbook for $17.95 USD.
  2. Donate directly through Paypal to: kevindaltonfund@hotmail.com

Every little bit helps. Get a beautiful sketchbook AND contribute to his treatment at the same time. Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help out. :-)

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