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Toronto Bound!

I’m off to Toronto for a much-needed reunion with a few of my long-time friends, as well as meeting some online colleagues. For some reason, everyone I know lives in Eastern Canada now. For those that live in T-Dot that want to meet up, I’ll be in town from May 31 – June 7. Please leave me a comment or e-mail me if you want to go out for coffee or even better, tea. I may or may not be headed for a side trip to Montreal for the weekend of June 3-4, but I’m interested with meeting up with some people from there, too, if they want to say hi! :-) I’ve never been to Toronto before, so this is very exciting for me.

I remember after the last trip I took almost a year ago now, I decided to quit my day job to pursue freelancing full-time. Every kind of trip I take somehow carves a new path for me in my life, so I wonder if this will, too. It’s not an exotic locale by any means, but I hope to be pumped up creatively by the time I get back. :-) Huzzah.

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Wow, sounds fun. :) From the short amount of time my wife and I spent in Canada for our honeymoon, we loved it. I always get jealous when I hear about someone off to an interesting destination. ;)

Have a good trip.

Picture of Sugar

Name Sugar

Date May 09
01:11 PM

Good luck with your trip, Lea!

Picture of Mina

Name Mina

Date May 10
02:19 AM

Hey Lea, I enjoyed meeting you earlier tonight. How did your networking go? I was a bit talked out but it was a fairly cool evening. Anyway I enjoyed our conversation the most (fortunately there was no bell ringing when we spoke) and the stuff you told me about weblogging to network was pretty interesting as well. Let’s meet up for a tea sometime.

Picture of Mag

Name Mag

Date Sep 26
10:00 AM

Canada is one of few countries where you can find civilized cities, and natural scenes as well. Are you going there again any soon? :-D

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