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Welcome to Lealea.net v2.0

2008 was a crazy busy year and I hope 2009 provides more of the same. Lealea 2.0 has been a labour of love off and on for almost an entire year. Little do most people know I had originally planned a new version of Lealea.net to coincide with my talk at SXSW08 back in March, but work and life craziness got in the way. Finally, after several months and several iterations, I thought I was ready to launch in early October — largely motivated by Matt Brett’s own major redesign. We both had launched our respective sites/careers at around the same time so I thought it’d be fitting if I was also part of that bandwagon.

I even enlisted the help of the always awesome Shaun Andrews to slice up a couple pages for me to save time while I worked on client projects, and I would finish all the other pages after he gave them to me. That was the plan, anyway. For a few days, it seemed do-able.

But life and other work happened, and thus, it’s been postponed. To give you an idea of why it had always been perpetually postponed…

In 2008:

  • I traveled and spoke at four separate events, including the biggest stage at SXSW 2008. You can see the other three listed on my about page
  • My husband and I decided to build a house — a long, grueling, time-consuming process. Our possession date, thankfully, is at the end of this month
  • Had a record number of projects, some of which are featured in my portfolio

I will be posting separate entries outlining the design process, justification for the design, possibly show some past iterations, the EE implementation, and so much more. I will have eventual give-aways (yep!) and some other promos in store for 2009. I’m excited. :)

Of course, this isn’t the 110% finished work, as I have more plans to update the site to be better than now, but I think this will suffice until then. Some entries will have some weird formatting and I’ll have to comb through them to fix. Please let me know if there is anything glaring.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and Lealea Design throughout the years. If it wasn’t for my amazing clients, site visitors, web folks, and last but not least, family and friends, I would not be where I am today. This redesign’s been a long time coming, so here it is.

Don’t worry, I have Lealea v1 archived

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I love the bold colors and girly feel. Nice work Lea!

I also like in the blog section the popular, most commented, etc section – good addition!

Looks good Lea! Now you have to keep up the blogging :)

Picture of Leslie

Name Leslie

Date Jan 06
06:25 PM

Congrats on the launch, I love it. I think the redesign of the home page is especially well thought out. I’m looking forward to your post on your approach.

This looks great. I love the subtle details like the floral background, the embellishments on the buttons, etc. You’ve definitely made that header font yours as well. :)

Although I sorta miss the pop, mostly color-wise, of the first version, this definitely exudes a more mature aura, which fits. :)

Great job Lea!

Finally, Lealea 2.0. As Mack said and like we talked about, you just need to keep the blog active and awesome! FTW :)

Thanks for the link! Glad I could help. The site looks great!

Picture of James

Name James

Date Jan 06
11:15 PM

Woohoo, congrats Lea! Looks good and I was happy to see how it involved from early mockups, lookin good!

Picture of Peter

Name Peter

Date Jan 07
03:20 AM

Looks very good, congratulations!

Picture of Stefan

Name Stefan

Date Jan 07
04:30 AM

Very nice, looks great!

Picture of Lea

Name Lea

Date Jan 07
10:33 AM

Hi everyone! Thanks for piping up. I’m glad that people like the design since it took an entire year for me to launch this baby, haha. :) But, as they say, “good things comes to those who wait.”

Thanks again for visiting and keep in touch!

Lea, congrats on the relaunch. Looks great!

Wow, Lea! This is awesome. To echo Bryan’s comments, the details really make it shine. Love the color scheme, your use of the Target font (with its signature “g”) and the blurb/button icons. I’m working – slowly but surely – on a redesign myself but you’ve set a pretty high bar here. Well done!

Picture of Nadia

Name Nadia

Date Jan 08
01:51 AM

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~cheers and congratulations

This looks great Lea!
Makes me think of purple velvet.

Picture of Beth

Name Beth

Date Jan 08
05:27 PM

I didn’t realize you’d already launched! Congrats, looks great :)

Picture of esteban

Name esteban

Date Jan 23
01:36 AM

cool site! congrats!

Picture of Gary

Name Gary

Date Feb 11
05:21 PM

I love how personal your design is without being over-cute. Good work!

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