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Welcome to Lealea.net

Lealea Design has launched a brand spanking new website, complete with a whole new identity! It?s been a while, but I hope the wait was worth it. Redesigning and launching this website was more than just pushing pixels and fiddling with CSS. This redesign is the birth of a new era for my business, my life, and my clients (future and current!).

Hell, there are no rules here — we’re trying to accomplish something. Thomas Edison

I have several people to thank that has helped me get to this point. Many thanks, of course, goes to my friends and family who offered their concern, apprehension, encouragement, and excitement when I decided to be an entrepeneur. Special thanks goes to James Buckley, Nathan Smith, Joseph Wain, and AJ Kandy for enduring all my annoying technical and design questions. Your friendly — and honest, most of all — criticisms have helped me immensely.

This new incarnation of Lealea Design is run completely through ExpressionEngine, like Mark Boulton’s entire site and Simon Collison. There are quite a few CMS and blog software choices out there, but I have to say that once you get through the learning curve, EE is ridiculously powerful and intuitive.

I use quite a few tricks throughout this website — some that are obvious, others not. As some people may have noticed on Stylegala, I’m a fan of websites that manage to marry Flash and web standards. I also like nifty JavaScript tricks. And voila — the website you’re looking at now uses all of the above. sIFR for beautiful headlines (the typeface is Target Book), SlideShowPro for the portfolio. Also, some nicetitles at work. The icons are graciously provided by famfamfam

For anyone interested in the process I had in creating my new identity and website, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming three-part series, The Art of Self-Branding.

Please stay tuned for more updates as they come down the pipeline and thank you for anyone who cares! :-D

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