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You are Not A Unique Snowflake

After reading Steve’s post, Great Lives Are Sitcoms it prompted me to think a lot about why many are resistant to the idea of branding, or specifically, self-branding.

I think the biggest problem people have with this concept is that we really, truly want to be the unique snowflake. We don’t want to summarize ourselves in five words, a sentence, or hell, even a paragraph. It’s always got to be the memoir-length novel to disguise insecurity that we can’t possibly be compartmentalized, categorized, etc. No! We are all different, because nothing’s worse than being all the same, right?

No one wants to be the “archetype” but archetypes are the ones that people notice. Most importantly, they’re the ones that people understand immediately.

However, what people don’t understand is that we are all generally the same (great thing about being human), with similar trials/tribulations: the difference is all in the execution. It’s the same with all television shows and sitcoms: the “plot” is the same (man vs. man; man vs. machine; man vs. society; man vs. environment) but the STORY is different.

I think more people need to understand that the front cover of a book, and the brief synopsis at the back cover, is what makes people want to read the entire novel. People should never be afraid of 5 word summaries, because if it’s pretty good, people will want more.

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Brilliantly said Lea, if you can’t summarize yourself I don’t think you’re trying hard enough.

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Name Paulina

Date Oct 07
04:17 PM

Hi! I like your web, its nice

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Name Maria

Date Oct 09
12:40 PM

Hi!, your web its nice

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Name lyndon

Date Oct 30
06:25 AM

nice site!!

You are right, many of us want to be unique or to be called “the only one” but in reality, the more we aspire to be “one-of-a-kind” the more we look “so trying hard”. So let’s be just ourselves, knowing our best points or our best features is enough to stand out from the others.

agreed, ‘nuff said.
3 words yay.

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