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EE Podcast Relaunch

Hello, Hello

I am extremely pleased to announce that the The EE Podcast has relaunched with a brand new website, design, direction, and co-host! I’m grateful for the opportunity to co-host back in the 5by5 Network with Ryan and Dan but when they decided to focus on other projects for a while, they asked me to carry the torch and continue the show.

I know some people have been eagerly awaiting the re-launch but I didn’t want to just up and record — in some ways, that’s the easy part. I like to talk and can talk web, design, and EE for hours. No: I was determined to make sure that the show went forward with renewed enthusiasm and a focus on sustainability. I also wanted to make sure that whoever I ended up hosting with was not only knowledgeable about EE, but also a great communicator and FUN, as well. So, it was almost a no-brainer to engage Emily Lewis to be my brand new co-host.

All About Em

While it was a no-brainer for me to ask Emily to co-host, I knew that some in the community may not be that familiar with her, so I came up with the Guess the Co-host contest, sponsored by Mijingo (Ryan passing the torch in more ways than one) and EECI 2011! In a series of clues left on Twitter, I wanted the community to speculate and commiserate amongst themselves who it might be! For those that already know Emily, it could have been a way to find fun facts about her. For those that don’t, you got to know more about her before she even said anything on the podcast. It was also fun to see who people might consider it be, which was a bit revealing, I think, over who some may have wanted it to be, or who in the community felt was prominent enough to be.

There were 32 total entries and 8 people guessed Emily. We used a “Random Name Picker” to raffle the prize between the 8 that got it right, and congrats to winner, John Henry Donovan who was one of the first people to guess Emily, too!

If you want a run down of all the clues and find out more about Em, read Emily’s run down of the EE Podcast experience

Relaunch Details

It’s taken about a couple months for us to get up and running, but I hope it’s worth it. The brand new website was truly a collaborative work: I’m responsible for the site design and new logo (Jason Nakai illustrated the cool mic for us), but Em gave a few design suggestions and tweaks. Emily did 99% of the markup and heavy lifting with the code in EE, while I did some tweaks and fixing up in that arena as well. It’s truly been a pleasure working with someone as talented and professional as Em, and I hope that translates over in the actual episodes. For now, I’m the one doing the sound editing/mixing, so if there’s any complaints in that arena, that’s me, too, hehehe. :) Eventually, we have plans on perhaps handing that responsibility over when we’ve organized our funds a bit better.

We talk a bit more about other new plans we have for the podcast, as well as plotting out future episode topics in advance. Please visit ee-podcast.com and follow us on Twitter to find out more.

Where I start Thanking the Crap out of People

I’d like to thank EllisLab for their unfailing support for the show. They are truly a world-class company of genuine people who want nothing but the best for their community. I can’t forget to thank Nevin Lyne of EngineHosting who not only hosts this very website, but hosts EE Podcast’s site AND its MP3s in their own CDN! Very grateful for the opportunity. Ryan Masuga, despite his gruff exterior, is a sweetheart and I would like to thank him as well for agreeing to plug the podcast on Devot:ee

Finally, I would like to thank our relaunch sponsors, without which, the podcast’s future would be unclear. Firstly, our major sponsor, Pixel & Tonic who more-or-less jumped at the opportunity to sponsor us. I can’t thank you enough, Brandon. Our lovely relaunch episode sponsor, Mike Boyink, of Train-ee.com who has been incredibly supportive. And last but not least, our relaunch site sponsors, EECI 2011 and DevDemon. The former also needs to be thanked for providing one of our amazing prizes for Guess the Co-Host, a free full ticket to EECI 2011 in Brooklyn. And thanks to Mijingo, which provided a very generous prize pack of their products for those eager to learn the ins-and-outs of ExpressionEngine.

And I can’t leave without thanking our loyal viewers. I appreciate the faith you had in me to kickstart the podcast and I hope you continue to listen in, send in your comments and feedback, and join us every other week as we discuss the matters of EE today.

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