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Lea has been a pleasure to work with, extremely accommodating and diligent in the work she has completed for us.

As a start-up company with three partners coming from some very large firms, we had certain expectations about what image we wanted to present and why. When a consulting organization presents a similar look and feel to everything they do, you start to build market awareness and brand recognition. We wanted to start things off on the right foot. We met with a couple of larger firms that would work with us on developing an image package and found them to be very expensive. We wanted to find a smaller firm that would understand the challenges of a new start-up company. As my son had just completed University, I asked him if he knew of anyone that had a small company – and we found Lealea Design.

Lea started by asking a lot of questions about who we were and what we were trying to accomplish. Lea started to get a feel for the type of experience the partners had and the type of firm we were trying to establish. From there Lea started to layout several alternatives for a general look and feel for our firm. We reviewed and agreed on one sample and Lea proceeded to start to build our identity package. Lea was in constant contact with us along the way and provided (and delivered on) a fixed budget that we agreed to up front.

We had Lea build our website as well as the basics like letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Lea also helped to build the format for presentation templates, word documents, resumes and even our e-mail signature line. We ended up with a consistent look and feel for all of our documents and our website, for which we have received many positive comments from our clients and contacts.

Subsequent to the initial work, we asked Lea to design our first marketing pamphlet as well as help to build some much more complex functionality into our website. We now have the ability to securely upload and share document templates, methodology and deliverables with our team regardless of where they’re located – via the internet. We’re very pleased with the end result of both of these projects.

Lea has been a pleasure to work with, extremely accommodating and diligent in the work she has completed for us. We will continue to use Lea in the future and look forward to our continuing relationship. Hopefully we’ll all enjoy continued success!